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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I know if Winterset is for me?
A: Are you looking for a better way to enjoy a day of skiing the slopes without the tiresome and sometimes challenging round-trip drive to the resort? Have your ski buddies flaked and you have to ski solo? Want to meet others who ski at your level?  Want to improve while having fun? Then Winterset is for you! 

  • Low cost
  • Friendly group
  • Easy
  • Opportunity to meet and ski with others at your skill level
  • Enjoy a fun day on the slopes without the hassle of driving and parking

Q: You mention “low cost.” It looks kind of expensive.

A: We provide an all-day experience that you will remember for a lifetime. Qualified guides and hosts, first-class charter coaches, lift tickets, guided group skiing, hot beverages and pastries en route, snacks and adult beverages on the way home, are all provided at a rate that is about the same or lower than if you drove yourself to the resort.

Q: What about weather? Do you go if it is snowing? Are there any circumstances when you postpone trips?

A: Weather in the Sierra is often not the same as in the Sacramento Valley. If it is sunny down here, it might be snowing up there. Alternatively, if it is raining here, it might be sunny up there. We track the weather through the National Weather Service and receive updates from our contacts at the resorts. The most common reason for postponing a trip is when we expect long delays due to chain requirements, or it is forecast to rain at the resort. If we do postpone a trip, it is made up on the next scheduled make-up date. Forecasts of snow usually do not warrant a postponement as it typically means great conditions on the slopes. Be assured that operating a safe trip is our #1 priority at all times.

Q: Can I smoke or have an adult beverage on the bus?

A: Smoking or vaping is not allowed on or near the bus. Enjoying an adult beverage is acceptable. Beverages in glass bottles should be given to our host to open and pour into plastic cups for you.

Q: Do I get a discount if I refer a new member to the program?

A: Yes. For each new member who joins you will receive a credit of up to $40.

Lift Tickets/ Lessons

Q: Do you give a discount for Seniors and Season Pass holders?

A: Yes, we have discounted rates for both Seniors and Season Pass holders. When registering, make sure you check the Season Pass and Senior section of the form to take advantage of the reduced rates.

Q: I want to improve my skiing. Are lessons available?

A: Formal instruction is available at all the resorts we visit. Occasionally members will receive special offers from the resorts, including special deals for beginners only. If you are an intermediate to advanced skier you will find skiing with our guides can be very helpful in improving your technique. On each trip, our guides will lead two or more groups for a fun morning of exploring the best spots on the mountain. The groups are based on ability and are an excellent way to learn the mountain, meet others who ski at your level, and improve your own skiing.

En route and at the resort

Q: Are there lockers where I can leave a bag/backpack for the day?

A: Yes. Lockers are available at most of the resorts we visit. Many times the bus does not stay where we are dropped off at the resort so we recommend that you take what you might need during the day with you.

Q: Will I have an opportunity to ski with others in the group?

A: Yes. It’s fine to ski on your own, but we do encourage skiing with others. We offer free guided group skiing in the morning at each resort we visit. It’s a great way to ski the mountain with others at a similar skill level.  

Q: Should I bring lunch or buy lunch?

A: You can do either, but on your first trip we recommend buying lunch. If you bring a lunch, you will have to take it on the hill, which may be inconvenient. The areas we visit have a variety of food services. Purchasing will cost about $9 to $20 for a typical lunch. Hosts on the bus will announce in the morning the suggested lunch location to meet for that day.

Q: What happens if I get injured during the day?

A: Injuries are rare, but they can happen. We have direct access to ski patrol, and ski patrol has direct access to us. We check in regularly with ski patrol throughout the day. If you are injured, we will be notified and will be in first aid when you arrive, or soon after.  We will be with you during your treatment (if any) and assist you with any additional needs. Your signed medical release (required of all participants) gives us the authority to act on your behalf should it be necessary. Because of our training and experience, you are in better hands with us than if you were with family or friends.


Q: If I need rental equipment, can I rent it on the mountain?

A: Yes, renting gear at the resort is convenient. However it does take time out of the beginning and end of your ski day. Renting locally will give you more time on the slopes, give you the option of selecting more advanced equipment, and may be cheaper.  If you plan on using equipment for four or more days you should look into renting for the season or purchasing gear.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Visit our Equipment Checklist page. The most important thing to remember is to bring appropriate clothing for the expected weather. Temperatures in the Sierra can range from below 0° to 45° in January and February, and 20° to 50°  in March and April. Sierra weather can and does change rapidly. Watch the weather forecast the night before and bring suitable clothing plus clothing that will be appropriate if the weather changes. A good motto to keep in mind; “There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.”

Q: Should I bring a lock for my skis?

A: Yes. Unfortunately not everyone is as honest as you are. Bring a lock and use it. The 15 - $25 you spend is worth it! Some of the resorts we visit also have complimentary ski check facilities to mind your skis.