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Winterset Procedures

Weather & Trip Information

  1. Beginning at 6:00 PM Tuesday evening, and continuing through the morning of the trip, there will be a message on our information line (916) 456-0263 extension #9.  This recording will tell you the trip destination, number, the expected weather, and whether the trip is going or not. If a trip is postponed it will be made up on the designated date posted on the original schedule. Keep track of when your trip is scheduled!
  2. It is important you call before each trip, regardless of the weather, to check for any last minute changes, including bus departure time changes!
  3. During changeable weather conditions the final “go/no go” decision may not be made until 3:00 AM. A trip can be postponed at any time but once a trip postponement is announced, there is no rescission.
  4. Every effort is made to ensure that the “right” decision of whether a trip should go or not. Your safety and enjoyment are most important. Some of the best conditions occur during inclement weather, so be aware that trips will go when it is snowing or chains are required. Also, keep in mind that weather in the Sierra is quite changeable and occasionally takes a turn for the worse. Unless it becomes unsafe, once a trip is committed, we continue to the resort.
  5. Members who are properly dressed can have a great day in even the worst of conditions. If you have not skied in snowy weather, go with our guides. They will show you how to enjoy the beauty and exhilaration of skiing in fresh snow.
  6. During inclement weather, chain control and traffic can delay our arrival and/or return home from 45 minutes to 2½ hours. This will shorten the time at the resort.


  1. Coffee, tea, and pastries will be served on the bus in the morning. Winterset members have a long-standing tradition of bringing hors d'oeuvres and beverages to share for the trip home. Please help continue the tradition and bring something on the first day. The hosts will help organize each bus for the remaining trips.
  2. Lunch is available at the ski resorts, or you may bring a sack lunch if you prefer.
  3. Please add about 2 hours to your return time for trips that include a dinner/special event stop. The cost of the dinner or special event, unless otherwise stated, is not included in the program fee and is collected from those who participate.

Hosts & Guides

  1. There are two to three hosts on each bus. The hosts are there for you! Please let them know if you have any questions, problems, or would like to ski with someone at your level.
  2. One or more group tours for levels 5 and up are given by our guides and take place shortly after we arrive at the resort. This is a fun way to explore each resort, get tips on how to improve your technique, and meet others who ski at your level.